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hour from me, I was born and raised in New York City and
don’t particularly like to drive. I complained like a  ve year old about my travel to get there... until I met teams who had been traveling from California, parts of Canada and the like. Teams that were on the road for 5 days just to get there. A very long and expensive trip for such tough conditions and more o en than not, no Q.
 is year- 2019, DCA was held at the beautiful Cedar Creek Resort
in Huron Ohio. A wonderful venue with lovely lawns, blooming fruit trees and songbirds. Many places
to walk dogs, wide open pens for safe exercise and o -lead play. A perfect place... unless you arrive during global warming’s lingering visit. We missed the bulk of the rain but su ered the a er e ects. Cold temperatures- 47 degrees when the average is 72, piercing cold wind and deep mud from all the rain.  e mud and the so , soaked lawn became much worse as the trial continued. Constantly trampled
on for two days, the footing was precarious. I was never so cold, muddy and wind burned. I was never so thrilled with my Qs or proud of my dog.
It is likely that a future DCA in
this same local will choose to
hold the agility trial at a nearby indoor facility. A good thing. Very practical and I would prefer a safer more stable environment, I mostly trial indoors for that very reason.
I have trialed several times since our 2019 DCA and the venues have been indoors. I’ve had some great runs and Qs... but none stick in my mind the way the ones at 2019 DCA does.  ose memories of friends met, friends made and Qs earned will be sweet forever.
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