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2019 DCA Agility. A mudder’s tale. Pam Devlin
Here in the Northeast, and perhaps much of the country, agility trials are largely held indoors.  e chief reasons are the inconvenience
of bad weather and the fear of di cult/dangerous footing.  e consistency of conditions and relative safety of indoor trials are
a good thing. Who doesn’t like to avoid a course covered with snow? I appreciate a venue without direct sun and intense heat. I am a fan of air-conditioning in August.
Two years ago, an agility judge and fellow competitor who is part of my regular training circle lamented about this fact. She insisted that the experience of trialing outdoors was worth the pitfalls. She believed it was a more unique and memorable experience that went beyond Qs and brought people together. I didn’t really get it then... but I do now. At our 2019 DCA this past May, there is not one of us running a dog who will forget the cold, the
wind or the deep mud.  e Qs were rare and well celebrated by all. Sportsmanship, support and comradery was in abundance. We were all soldiers in the same  ght.
My trip to DCA was a two day a air. I split the drive so I would not have to be on the road more than 5 hours at a time.  ough
I have lived in the middle of nowhere for the last 20 plus years and everything is well over an
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